• Edgewood Gaterbag Rear Bag 3/4" with Handle

These premium bags and shooting accessories from Edgewood Leather are innovative in design, made of absolutely the best materials available and will hold up under constant competitive use. All Edgewood Leather Shooting Bags are not filled, unless otherwise specified. 

Yes, it looks sort of like a gater floating with just the eyes above the water. This is a long, heavy bag, about 6½" x 13½", and it is the ultimate in stability on the bench. A Gater bag can easily weigh over 25 lbs. filled with heavy sand, so the multi-layered bottom does not have an internal ‘donut’ like the smaller Edgewood bags. It has a 4" body height, 2" tall ears, and a 3" x 4" ear base. If you shoulder the rear bag once in a while and don’t mind hauling the weight, there is nothing more stable on the bench than the Gater. Will require two boxes of heavy sand to fill.

These Handle Bags were designed for F-Class shooters. The stiff handle makes the bag a lot easier to carry to the firing line, and the larger footprint of the bag base makes the bag more stable for shooting off the ground. These would be excellent bags for varmint hunters who move to new firing points frequently.

Note: Sand is required to fill these bags.

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Edgewood Gaterbag Rear Bag 3/4" with Handle

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