22 Magnum Rimfire Monocore Silencer

SILENZ™ Rifle Suppressors have been designed in consultation with gunsmiths and firearms experts from NZ, Europe and the USA. We have used advances in design manufacturing from related industries, to produce a range of new rifle suppressors that are not only relatively light weight, but durable and very effective at doing their main task – to reduce gunshot sound signature. Having learned from others mistakes, our intention was to overcome some of the design flaws or shortcomings of common suppressor designs.

The ultimate rimfire suppressor! Designed to reduce the gunshot noise of any small rimfire calibre rifle, from .22lr and .17Hm2, to .22 Magnum and .17HMR. Compact, strong and durable, yet can be easily dismantled for cleaning by the shooter – an extremely important feature. No springs or loose baffles or spacers to worry about, and no chance of any problems with reassembly or baffle misalignment. The 1-piece (mono-core) baffle unit can only be installed one way, so reassembly is fool-proof. Proprietary ‘SSS-B’ baffle design provides outstanding gas turbulence and cooling effect, and can be replaced if wear or damage occurs.

Why waste your money on a permanently sealed rimfire suppressor?  To maintain optimum performance, the rimfire suppressor should be cleaned every 300-500 rounds – especially if using a lot of .22LR subsonic ammo – to remove any excessive powder/lead fouling build-up.

Note: As with any suppressor, this unit will not fully silence High-Velocity (supersonic) ammunition. No suppressor in existence can remove the super-sonic crack of a bullet breaking the sound barrier. True silenced performance is only achieved with subsonic .22LR ammunition.


  • 5.9“ long, 190 grams, Ø 1 3/8 “ (Ø 35mm)
  • Calibres: .22LR, .22 Magnum, .17Hm2, .17 HMR
  • Thread options: ½ – 20, ½-28, M14x1.0mm, 9/16-24, M15x1.0mm, 5/8-24, M18x1.0mm, ¾-28, M20x1.0mm, 7/8-28
  • Improved pressure-vessel design.
  • Stainless steel threaded muzzlebrake/diffuser absorbs the brunt of the high-temp gas blast as it exits the muzzle. This gas is directed into the primary expansion chamber, initiating significant turbulence before the propellant gas reaches the main mono-core system.
  • Self-tightening design (Unit will not shoot loose, gas-torque feature keeps it slightly snug) – extremely important feature for muzzle-can units.
  • Removable mono-core baffle system, generates outstanding turbulence/suppression effect. (Proprietary design.) Precision-machined from solid 7075-T6 aircraft/weapons grade aluminium.
  • Black type III hard-coat anodised to 50 micron thick layer. Unique design is the result of extensive testing, and tests show significantly better performance than some competitors much longer and heavier rimfire suppressors.
  • Precision cut-knurled front end-cap for easy removal and re-assembly.
  • Replacement mono-cores are available for purchase in the event of damage, or any excessive wear developing due to very high volume (or commercial) use.
  • Supplied with 6”long Ø8mm Delrin™ rod (core removal tool), a brass-cored cleaning brush, and a textured rubber cover sleeve at no extra charge.  (See accessories section if you wish to purchase extra replacements in the event that they may be lost or damaged).
  • Materials and Workmanship Warranty – 2 years. Terms of Fair Trading Act (1986) apply. Terms of Consumer Guarantees Act (1993) apply.

    Warranty does not cover: Normal wear & tear, Damage from using goods for a purpose for which they were not designed, Damage from neglect or careless storage, Damage from having unauthorised repairs carried out.

    SILENZ™ Suppressors/Silencers should only be fitted to your rifle by suitably qualified, or trained gunsmiths. SILENZ™ accepts no liability or warranty for any work (or damage resulting) from unauthorised third parties.


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SileNZ 22 Rimfire Supressor

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