BARRETT MRAD FDE 338 LAPUA /308 WIn RNDF Model.  We are able to get a limited supply of the RNDF (Royal New Zealand Defense Forces) MRAD that was made for them this past year.  This is the exact specifications ordered by the RNDF SAS and Commando Units.  With this MRAD the rail is 30 MOA and the paint is low IR. It comes with a Pelican Hard Case and both the 338LM and 308 Win Barrels and bolts. Comes with a 26" Heavy 338 LM Barrel and a 22" SS 308 Win Barrel and a Pelican hardcase.  This is the first RNDF model ever available outside the NZ Army.

As a Authorised Barrett International Dealer we can offer the best pricing guaranteed in New Zealand.

Ready to follow your every move, the MRAD adapts to a variety of user needs without sacrificing performance. With unfailing accuracy, this bolt-action system continues to define a whole new class of long-range precision rifles.

The MRAD rifle's user-changeable barrel system is just one example of this hardworking gun's modularity. Available in .338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, .308 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, .260 Remington and 6.5 Creedmoor, the precision grade barrel can be removed by simply loosening two bolts using a standard Torx wrench. Besides reducing maintenance and logistical burdens, this unique design allows for user level caliber interchangeability and serviceability with the MRAD rifle's barrel kits.

The MRAD also boasts Barrett's fully adjustable match-grade trigger module, which is user accessible. The thumb-operated safety can be configured for left or right hand operation. The ambidextrous magazine release can be used intuitively while retaining a firing grip and cheek weld.

Integrated into the MRAD rifle's 7000 series aluminum upper receiver is a 21.75 inch M1913 rail with 20 MOA taper. The forward receiver is drilled and tapped for accessory rails to be mounted at the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions.

The MRAD stock is foldable for enhanced portability yet locks in as solid as a fixed-stock rifle, creating a rigid platform for consistent firing. During transport the stock folds and locks onto the bolt handle maintaining the same rifle width whether folded or extended.

Made of a temperature-resistant polymer, the adjustable cheek piece also offers a consistent rifle-to-user contact point. The rifle's length of pull can be set to five different positions with the push of a single button.

From its quick-detach sling mounts to colors that blend into any environment - every detail of the MRAD has been carefully designed to create one thing: a high-performance rifle you can truly make your own.


MRAD rifle systems include two 10 round magazines, 2 sling loops, 3 accessory rails, and hard carrying case. All barrels are black.

Model: MRAD

Caliber and Barrel Length (Fluted and Heavy):

.338 Lapua Magnum

     20” (51 cm)

     24” (62 cm) 

     26” (66 cm)

.338 Norma Magnum

     24” (62 cm) 

.300 Winchester Magnum

     24” (62 cm) 

.300 Norma Magnum

     24” (62 cm)

.308 Winchester

     17” (43.18 cm) 

     22” (56 cm) 

7mm Remington Magnum

     24” (62 cm)

6.5 Creedmoor

     24” (62 cm)

.260 Remington

     24” (62 cm) 

Operation: Bolt Action Repeater

Colors: Tungsten Grey, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Multi-Role Brown and Black


Min 11.7 lbs (5.3 kg)

Max 14.72 lbs (6.68 kg)

Barrel Color: Black

Rail Length/MOA: 21.75” (55.24 cm) 20 MOA

Barrel Twist Rate:

.338 LM - 1 in 9.35" (24 cm)

.338 NM - 1 in 9.4" (23 cm)

.300 WM - 1 in 10" (25 cm)

.300 NM - 1 in 10" (25 cm)

.308 Win - 1 in 10" (25 cm)

7mm Rem Mag - 1 in 8.5" (21 cm)

6.5 Creed - 1 in 8" (20 cm)

.260 Rem - 1 in 8" (20 cm)

Maximum Length:

26” Barrel - 49.4” (125.5 cm)

Minimum Folded Length:

17” Barrel - 31.75” (80.6 cm)

Magazine Capacity:

10 Rounds





Defence Force Buying Two New Weapons

The New Zealand Defence Force is buying two new weapons, the Barrett M107A1 anti-materiel weapon and the Barrett Multi Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) sniper rifle.

The New Zealand Defence Force is buying two new weapons, the Barrett M107A1 anti-materiel weapon and the Barrett Multi Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) sniper rifle. 

18 October 2017

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) is entering an agreement to buy two new weapons, the Barrett M107A1 anti-materiel weapon and the Barrett Multi Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) sniper rifle.

Forty M107A1 and 42 MRAD weapons will be bought, at a cost of NZ$4 million. This cost includes day optics, suppressors and ballistic computer auxiliary equipment to complement a total weapon system.

The 0.50-calibre semi-automatic M107A1 anti-materiel rifle provides a new capability, giving soldiers the ability to identify and engage effectively vehicle or installation targets with precision to 1500m.

The Barrett MRAD .338 Lapua Magnum has been proven effective to 1500m. It replaces the current AW 7.62mm calibre sniper rifle, effective to 800m, which has reached the end of its service life. 

This new weapon will increase significantly the range of NZDF snipers, and with the innovation of new tripods will increase their ability to shoot in various positions, from prone to standing.

Both weapons will be used by infantry units within the New Zealand Army and the New Zealand SAS, and will be introduced into service from mid-2018.

Chief of Army Major General Peter Kelly said the new weapons would provide soldiers with the latest technology and ensure they would be equipped for any battlefield environment they might encounter.

The new weapons were chosen after rigorous testing and feedback from qualified operators. The MRAD was selected after six weeks of testing of a number of potential rifles at Waiouru, with more than 10,000 rounds fired in a variety of evaluation activities. 

The M107A1 was adopted after a sole-source procurement approach following detailed market research and engagement with industry, as well as with ABCA partners on a suitable anti-materiel weapon solution that meets users’ needs.

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Barrett Model MRAD 338/308 RNDF Limited Edition

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