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Brand: HK Model: AMT Hardballer Custom 1911 45ACP SS with 7 mags
AMT Hardballer Custom 1911 45ACP SS with 7 mags 1980s Mint Condition. This was a custom 1911 made in the late 1980s and was given to me as a present.  It has custom cross hatching on the frame and many SS extras.  It was made for IPSC shooting and was never used for competition.  I have only shot..
Ex Tax:$3,000.00
Brand: HK Model: Bul SAS 2 UR F
Bul SAS 2 UR F Contact Rolly Clavaxilla at 0272228432 or Selling my Bul SAS 2 UR F in 38 supercomp for $6,000. This was bought brand new from Deltamike in 2021. Comes with: - Niko Stirling Diamond Pro T4 red dot 3 moa - Original case (with the accessories) ..
Ex Tax:$4,700.00
Brand: HK Model: Magnum Research Desert Eagle MKI A1812
Magnum Research - Israel Military Industries (IMI), Desert Eagle MKI A1812 with 6 magazines. Condition near new 10/10. Mid 1980’s Mark I Mint Condition with less than 200 rounds shot throug it. Original owner and only shot a few times. Shot once in the past 20 years. I dont think we shot it more ..
Ex Tax:$5,000.00
Brand: HK Model: Ruger Blackhawk Custom Shot 50-23070 REVOLVER 30 CARBINE
Ruger Blackhawk Custom Shot 50-23070 7.5” REVOLVER 30 CARBINE. This was a extremely rare Ruger Custom Shop Ruger Blackhawk made in the 1970s by my Uncle DOnald Yates. I bought it from his estate 25 years ago. It has been in the gun safe since bought and is UNFIRED in 10+/10 condition. It features..
Ex Tax:$3,000.00
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