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Brand: Starline Model: STARLINE BRASS 45 S&W BRASS /500
STARLINE BRASS 45 S&W SCHOFIELD BRASS /500 45 Schofield is similar to the 45 Colt. Differences include head diameter approximately .010" larger, case length is 1.090" to 1.100" compared to 1.273" to 1.283" in the .45 Colt. Substantially less internal capacity for shooting light loads in most 45 C..
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Brand: ADI Model: IVI MATCH 50 Cal Brass Once Used Cleaned
These are IVI MATCH 07 Headstamp Canadian Manufacturing once fired bras which have been SS pin tumbled in a Frankford Tumbler and are ready for resizing. All of this IVI Match Ammo was shot by the New Zealand SAS in their AI rifles.  There are few ejection dings on any of these cartridges. Co..
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Brand: ADI Model: ADI 50 Cal 647gr FMJ Projectile 20 pk
ADI 50 Cal 647gr FMJ Projectile 20 pk   ADI 50 BMG 647gr FMJ Projectile.      ..
Ex Tax:$86.09
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