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Invictus Practical

Invictus 2.6 -6D 6rnd Caddy Kit
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Brand: Invictus Practical Model: Invictus 2.6 -6D 6rnd Caddy Kit
Invictus Practical 12ga 2-Point 6D Hybrid Kit w/ Tek-Loc The Invictus Practical AARM/S 2-Point 6ix is a unique six-round shotshell caddy system based on the incredibly compact "6ix Plate" (derived from the "8ight Plate") - specifically developed for the Load-Two technique - which attaches to an E..
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Brand: Invictus Practical Model: IInvictus 2.Q - TL 4rnd Caddy Kit
2-Point Quad The Invictus Practical AARM/S 2-Point Quad is a four-round shotshell caddy system, equally suited to both the Quad-Load and Load-Two techniques, which attaches to a Tek-Lok (included) at two points via an innovative adapter that provides a full 360˚ of rotation in 15˚ incre..
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