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Brand: Vihtavuori Model: Vihtavuori N320 1lb
VIHTAVUORI N120 RIFLE POWDER FOR PICKUP ONLY AUCKLAND Vihtavuori Smokeless Powder is used by the some of the best shooters and manufacturers in the competitive shooting industry, they have gained an excellent reputation for being one of the best smokeless powders available. All of these powder..
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Brand: Vihtavuori Model: Vihtavuori N555 1lb
VIHTAVUORI N555 1LB FOR PICKUP ONLY AUCKLAND Vihtavuori’s new N555 smokeless rifle powder is designed for precision rifle platforms chambered in cartridges such as 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, .284 Winchester, .260 Remington and .30-06 Springfield and for rifle calibers with large case volume..
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Brand: Vihtavuori Model: Vihtavuori N570 1lb
VIHTAVUORI N570 1LB FOR PICKUP ONLY AUCKLAND Description Vihtavuori’s N570 rifle powder is one of the more recent products in our high-energy powder family. It was developed at the request of magnum cartridge reloaders. We realized that this kind of powder was desired yet lacking on the mar..
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