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Brand: Taccom Model: Taccom 8UP Quadload
  PATENT PENDING. The QUALOAD holds 2 columns of shells next to each other. You simply can't get any closer than touching with the rims ovedrlapping. No other quad loading device can do this. The close proximity of the shells allows for better shell control and the overlapping rims sets the shell..
Ex Tax:$139.37
Brand: Taccom Model: Taccom Single Duelin Deuce
Just like the Deulin Deuces we started with the proven clip design of the QUALOADS and then we jammed the shells together and tilted them out  so you can grab and pull shells out at an angle. With this design you don't have to rock out elbows, contort you hips or hinder your movement. ​ ​What doe..
Ex Tax:$67.83
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