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A FIREARMS LICENCE is required to purchase firearms, firearms parts and ammunition. If you wish to purchase “A” category firearms, please download the mail order firearm form by clicking on the form below. The completed form, signed or stamped by the NZ Police needs to be provided to GUNSNZ Ltd before we will ship any “A” category Firearm. To purchase restricted firearm part(s), you must firstly have the appropriate endorsement on your firearms licence, and in some cases you must obtain a Permit to Procure from your local area Arms Officer, no restricted firearms part(s) will be shipped until we have been supplied with the appropriate paper work as/if required. GUNSNZ Ltd recommends that if you are unsure of the correct procedure in purchasing “A” Category firearm(s), firearm part(s) from us, contact us by telephone or email in the first instance to discuss the purchasing procedure Note: A Completed NZ Police "Permit to Procure" (POL 67C) is required for all Handgun and Restricted Purchases. We must have all three copies (Original, Applicant and Seller) prior to shipping this product. You get this from your local area Arms Officer. For non-ptp orders  Download the Police Mail Order Form for "A" category firearms here.

Brand: Beretta Model: Beretta Model 1934 Made in 1938 WWII Italian Army Issu
Beretta Model 1934 Made in 1938 WWII Italian Army Issue Marked 1934 XVI a Fascist Made Model and RE (Army) on the grip. Beretta model 1934 Made in 1938 WWII Italian Army Issue matching C&R OK SN: 711204. Here is a 19387 dated M1934 Italian Army Service pistol chambered in .380 ACP.  This pistol h..
Ex Tax:$1,500.00
Brand: Beretta Model: Beretta Model 418 (M1919)
Beretta Model 418 (M1919) No Mag Supplied. Market Brevettata 1941 XIX. Serial Number 633916. Shows substantial wear from carry use in WWii. The Beretta M418 is an easily-concealed Italian 6.35 mm (.25 ACP) pocket pistol. The earliest examples were made between 1919 and 1922. There are several ver..
Ex Tax:$500.00
Model: Colt Python 4" Blue 1985 Mint 375 Magnum
Colt Python 4" Blue 1985 Mint Seriel # T35851 375 Magnum. This is a Mint Condition 1985 Colt Python in virtually new condition.  These were very expensice back then and have just continued fto go up in balue.  These are hard to come by especially in this condition. The Colt Python is a .357 Ma..
Ex Tax:$5,000.00
Brand: Tangfoglio Model: Grandpower X-Calibur 9mm USED
Grandpower X-Calibur 9mm 4 x 17rnd Magazines About 3000 rounds fired -- Excellent Condition Price: $1250 -- incl postage Contact: Lindsay  ..
Ex Tax:$1,250.00
Springfield XDM 4.5" Full Size 9mm Bi-Tone Springfield XDM 4.5" Full Size 9mm Bi-Tone
-23 %
Brand: Springfield Armory Model: XDM 4.5" Full Size 9mm Bi-Tone
The Springfield XD(M) is a 4.5" full- size pistol with many design features that make it intuitive to use. In 2007, Springfield Armory® shook the polymer pistol market with the introduction of the new XD(M). The XD(M) series forever changed the handgun landscape, and set new and higher standards for..
$1,035.00 $1,350.00
Ex Tax:$900.00
Springfield XD TACTiCAL 5″ Full Size Model 9mm Springfield XD TACTiCAL 5″ Full Size Model 9mm
-23 %
Brand: Springfield Armory Model: XD TACTUCAL 5″ Full Size Model 9mm
This gun has been test fired. The 5” Full Size XD® is designed to put the most into your hand when you need it. Built on a full size frame with a 5” barrel, this is the XD® that delivers the most in performance, capacity and controllability.  The 5” Full Size has all the same features found in..
$920.00 $1,200.00
Ex Tax:$800.00
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